Monument Sign Before Blasting

Monument Sign Before Blasting

Monument Sign before blasting, priming and painting

Sandblasting Monument Sign

Sandblasting Monument Sign

Sandblasting to get rust and old paint off

Sandblasting Completed

Sandblasting Completed

Glass was covered to insure no breakage

Monument Sign After

Monument Sign After

Monument sign after sandblasting, priming and painting



Whether its at our shop or yours, our team at ACS will sandblast any steel structures and equipment you may have. It's a proven method for removal of thick rust and paint. We cover all sensitive objects that may be near by and do all necessary cleanup/removal of leftover sand. High-pressure air is required and can be supplied. This process leaves a raw metal surface ready for primer.

What Can be Sandblasted?

The team at ACS are experts at removing mill scale, rust, paint, soil, oil and grime build up from metal surfaces such as I-beams and welded constructions. Abrasive blasting allows us to not only clean surfaces, but to get into all the little nooks and crannies you could never reach by hand or with power tools to clean out the rust and dirt.

How Does Sandblasting Work?

A sandblaster works by having compressed air, supplied from an air compressor to power or blast the abrasive media out of a hose from a connecting starting tank. Depending on the sandblaster, the tank can be an open or enclosed container. 

To control the amount of abrasive being blasted, a nozzle is placed at the end of the hose.


There are also adjustments to be made for to control the amount of pressure is used to power the blasting. 

You can adjust the air compressor regulator to your desired blasting pressure.

The higher the pressure, the faster the blasting rate will be.  Too high of a pressure may damage your item and it depends on the material hardness and the grit used.  The hardness of the girt can also be a factor.

ACS Sandblasting Railings

 Used on Larger Jobs 

ACS Large Blaster

 Used on Smaller Jobs 

ACS Small Blaster
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