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Industrial, Commercial and Residential

     Big or small, we have the means to paint many different structures and material types. We paint with conventional, electrostatic, airless and hvlp methods, along with premium paints ensuring you'll have a durable, long-lasting finish on your product. With electrostatic, the ability to work in cramped spaces can be beneficial.

A few Before and After Pictures 

* Click on Photo's for a Closer Look * 

Residential Railings
Machine, Railings, Stairs
Ceiling, Columbia Heights HS
Large Mezzanine
Large Framework
Large Mezzanine
Anoka County Garage
Hilde Amphitheater 
After Painting
On-Site Machinery Painting
After Painting
File Cabinets

Way To

Penny S. Saunders, 


"...his crew, who came out to pick-up, paint and deliver the old file cabinets were fantastic. They moved out the cabinets with very little interruption for our staff. They were both fast and quiet. When the cabinets came back, most of our staff thought they were new ones. The updated paint was perfect!"

After Painting
After Painting
After Painting
After Painting

Electrostatic Painting Vs. Powder Coating

Electrostatic painting is often confused for powder coating.

Both processes use electric charges to create

magnetic bonds between the paint and the object,


but a powder coat has to be baked in an oven off-site.

Powder Coating
Electrostatic Painting
  • With electrostatic painting, the bond between the paint and the object insures the paint will hold up, allowing the few hours necessary to cure and dry.  

  • The Electrostatic Process, in combination with high quality paint, makes for a new finish that will last years without chalking or fading. 

  • Electrostatic painting can be done On-Site, and in some cases, the items are ready to be used the next day. This means less inconvenience for our customers. Since there is no need to ship and wait for your items to be returned, you can minimize the chance of damaging the finish.

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