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Electrostatic and Conventional Painting,

Dy-ice Blasting, Sandblasting and Refinishing of Office Furniture, Machinery, Lockers, Playgrounds, Industrial Equipment,

Welding Repair and Fabricating.

Advanced Coating Systems

What is Electrostatic Painting?

     At ACS we use the highly specialized Ransburg #2

spray equipment, which atomizes and statically

charges the atomized paint as it leaves the spray

head, driven only by centrifugal force.


The positively charged paint seeks grounded

metals and "wraps" around even the most intricate shapes. Unlike conventional spray processes, the paint is statically drawn only to the metal from all directions, so there is no overspray, spatters or mess.  

Electrostatic Painting
Fabricated Stainless Steel
Sandblasting Metal Frames

 We Are The BEST at Painting Playgrounds, Water Parks, Office Furniture, Transformer Boxes, File CabinetsLab Cabinets, Machinery, 

Lockers and soo Much More!

Call us TODAY to get on our Summer Schedule!   651-221-0050

Life should be Colorful!

Machine Painting
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